#3 – From Beat Raja to Eat Raja – Anandraj

The inspiration for his juice stall’s name Eat Raja came from his father feeding him when he was young saying, “Thinnu Raja”. This roughly translates to Eat, my King

So, why am I mentioning this guy and his story? 2 reasons.

Photo by Badulescu Badulescu on Pexels.com
  1. He went from being a Radio Jockey for 10 years—known as Beat Raja—to a juice stall owner in September 2017 known as Eat Raja. 
  2. The novelty of his shop is 0 waste! Yes, that’s correct—absolute zero waste. He serves his juices in the fruits that are cut up. He gives you a flat Rs 20 off if you carry your own containers.

For all you Bengaluruians:

14th Cross, Sampige Road in Malleswaram. Check it out and post a review.

We always think that it’s too late to start or even restart. Well, he just proved that theory wrong. 

We often get stuck by checklists and timelines. He is living proof that it doesn’t take a lot to do something good for you or your environment. Let’s all take whatever little small steps we can too!

For full article, read: A zero-waste juice stall in Malleswaram

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