#4 – The tree planting search engine – Ecosia


So the first 3 stories were inspirational in some way. What I am sharing today is a website, The tree planting search engine – Ecosia. In a way, you can do something good.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

This Berlin, Germany-based search engine donates 80% profit towards planting trees. 

It’s a non-profit organisation run by founder Christian Kroll since 2009. The launch coincides with the UN climate change talks in Copenhagen. 

The company claims it has complete financial transparency, meaning anyone has the ability to access their books and read what exactly they are doing. They are associated with a number of non-profit organisations like Eden Reforestation Projects, which plants trees in 16 countries.

By July 2020, Ecosia announced that it surpassed planting 100 million trees.

Now I am in now way promoting this search engine and neither have I fact-checked here. 

But, think about it from this perspective: All it takes is a simple change in your search engine to plant trees. No loss for you or anyone around you by this simple change. But all gain for the world around us.

Source: Wikipedia

Additional reference: Ecosia – Review

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