#5 – The only Carbon Negative Country – Bhutan

Let’s start with the phenomenal things this amazing small country does for their people: 

Free Education, Healthcare, Electricity (for its farmers), Environmental subsidies. 

Now, for the world, Bhutan has so many trees that it is negating some of the CO2 (carbon dioxide) or carbon emissions produced by other countries. 

Bhutan has 72% tree cover and has pledged for a minimum of 60% of tree cover and mandatory afforestation. In fact, by 2030, Bhutan is promising to reach 0 greenhouse gases emission and produce 0 waste. 

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

Now, a small backdrop on what is carbon neutrality or carbon footprint. 

Every human being produces some amount of carbon footprint either directly or indirectly. For example, the simple act of buying vegetables also produces a carbon footprint because of the trucks used to transport the vegetables to the market. 

Of course, this is inevitable but we can try to negate this by either buying directly from the farm or by increasing a way to reduce the carbon emissions.

My takeaway from this is: 

First, a small country like Bhutan is taking steps to negate our carbon emissions. 

Two of the largest populated countries with very high carbon emissions surrounds this tiny country and Bhutan is fighting back (metaphorically). 

Second, Bhutan is fighting the source unlike us, who are fighting the symptoms. 

Source: Carbon Negative Country 

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