#8 – India’s cleanest city: Indore

This is a phenomenal success story of an urban Indian city that managed to become the cleanest city in the country in under 5 years.

All thanks to the collaborative efforts of the authorities, the people of the city, education, NGOs, massive fines, and even private companies.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

It effort took into consideration different factors like collection of garbage, segregated collection, and reporting of the garbage vehicle at noon since members wake up late.

Initially, the houses were reluctant to segregate the garbage. The helpers educated the people at an individual level about issues like water contamination and mosquito breeding.

Authorities also made it mandatory to segregate. The houses that wouldn’t segregate would get massive fines. Indore managed to collect Rs 27 crore just in fines in 2017-18. Similarly, the helpers were rewarded for their efforts and the ones who didn’t do their jobs were removed from their respective positions. 

Strong political administration, smart technologies, educating the masses individually–all came together to achieve this. 

The best part: A landfill got converted into a garden in Indore!

Source: How Indore became India’s cleanest city and how others can follow

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