#10 – Eco Friendly Houses: Dhruvang Hingmire & Priyanka Gunjikar

Everyone of late has Bengaluru (Bangalore) in their list of perfect cities to settle down due to weather.

Now imagine if you could have a home where the outside weather isn’t ruining your mood or day. You have a home that remains cool without an air conditioner or a fan.

This Pune-based couple–architects by profession–is trying to make this possible with their smart venture. Taking inspiration from the high utility houses in villages, they are trying to do something very different.

Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on Pexels.com

If you have ever visited a village in your native land, you’d notice that the speciality of the houses were that they remained cool even if the temperature outside was over 30 degrees celsius. I have personally experienced this in the village where my grandparents were born.

So how are they doing it? From choosing local materials like lime, brick, black stone and mud to local wood named ‘ANI’ instead of teak wood, from local labour to local mortar instead of cement. 

Their idea is very simple, by employing local materials that are native to the land, they are going traditional in their construction. They are focusing on the utility aspect of the houses instead of the show. 

As of now they are only limited to Maharashtra because they are conducting studies on the materials available in other states that are native and traditionally used by the villagers.

P.S.: Just to update you on how traditional they are in their constructions, they don’t even polish their woods. This helps reduce the temperature further.

Source: Breathable homes that don’t require AC or fans 

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