#12 – A man’s dream to develop the village he grew up: Golakh Parida

A 45-year-old CA-turned-Businessman, residing in Chennai with special permissions from the authorities, moved back to his village–Jalahari, Orissa with his wife and 2 kids at the start of the lockdown. 

Initially, his move was only to spend time with his family but within a few days he saw some unfortunate scenarios like lack of food amongst the people, no infrastructure for transport, and many families even struggling financially. 

He started distributing dry fruit packets amongst the villagers, but then had to stop. Not because he didn’t have the resources, but because the neighbouring village heard about him and came to him asking for help, which he was more than willing for. Eventually, however, the villagers were afraid it might spread the virus and requested him to stop.

Once the restrictions were eased to start the development of roads and infrastructure, he got in touch with a local architect and managed to construct a 1.5 km road within 4 month with sand, cement and stone available locally. It cost him over Rs 50 lakh.

He also built a clubhouse for recreational purposes by the youngsters.

These are just the first of the many ambitions he has for his village.

Over the next few weeks and months, he plans to install games like carrom and table tennis. His next goals include a mini Stadium and a playground with multiple courts for tennis, badminton, and more.

All of these are being built in the spaces ear-marked by the Government for the same projects.

Apart from these, he is also helping some of the families with no income financially by providing them financial aid of upto Rs 30,000.

He has also changed the bulbs on the roads which were unattended for many years.

His Motto: “In life, always give and receive. It does not matter how much I have to spend from my savings, but giving back to the land where I grew up is only a start.”

Source: Times of India

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