#21 – World’s smallest Inhabited River Island – Umananda Island

One of the strongest and beautiful features of the North East in India is the 5,000 km-long Brahmaputra River.

Largely undiscovered, the North East offers us a wide spectrum of beauty from landscaping and mountains to amazing people. In fact, the North East is considered tourism-friendly across all weathers. One such beautiful spot is Umananda Island in Assam. So what’s the ‘Something Good’ about this? Read on to know.

Umananda River Island in Assam is situated not very far from the Capital city of Guwahati. A 10-minute ferry is all it takes to reach this wonderful island.

This island is home to 2 very special things.

First, like every city is famous for in India – a Temple.

There is a Shiva Temple on this island. The people believe that if ever this temple is drowned, the entire city of Guwahati will drown. Surprisingly, despite the numerous floods in the state of Assam, water has never entered this temple.

The second is that Old World Monkeys or Langurs can be found in large numbers on this island. Golden Langurs have also been spotted which are beyond rare.

There’s a but. While the Langurs are native to the Indian Subcontinent typically, they are considered an endangered species today.

Source: A trip to Umananda Island will be any wanderers’ dream. Know why

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