#26 – The water seeker – Laungi Bhuiyaan

Laungi Bhuiyaan, a farmer from Kothilawa in Lahthua area in Gaya, Bihar has managed to successfully carve out a canal for the past 30 years so that he can guide the water from the nearby hills to the pond and fields. Imagine, digging every day to build a 3-km-long canal!

“It took me 30 years to dig this canal which takes the water to the pond in the village,” says Laungi Bhuiyaan who dug the canal single-handedly. He noticed that during the rains the water would flow towards the river. So, he aimed to save and utilise this water. 

Bhuiyaan’s typical day would start by tending to his cattle and farm and then straight to digging the canal. All the villagers moved to cities to earn a livelihood while Bhuiyaan stayed back. His work is for the benefit of the villagers and the animals. He had no motives apart from the benefit of the village.

Kothilwa village is surrounded by dense forests and mountains, about 80km from Gaya. The village is marked as a refuge for Maoists. The main means of livelihood is through farming and Animal Husbandry.
Bhuiyaan’s work has earned him fame in and around his village.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/viral-news/bihar-man-in-gaya-carves-out-3-km-long-canal-in-30-years-to-irrigate-parched-fields/articleshow/78089149.cms

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