#28 – Kilo of plastic waste to Kilo of Ration – Project Mumbai

For the past few years, every country has been fighting a menace to the environment – single-use plastic and plastic waste. 

From vegetables, groceries to ordering food, the plastic entering our homes has increased exponentially. While India has committed to phasing out the use of single-use plastic by 2022, the use of plastic products in the form of gloves, face shields, packaging, and others have increased during the pandemic.

In a unique initiative, The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon, an award-winning plastic donation-recycling citizen initiative of Project Mumbai, has announced that it will donate one a kilogram of grocery for every kilogram of plastic waste donated by Mumbaikars. 

In October 2018, Project Mumbai started an initiative of collecting plastic waste and converting it to reusable furniture and followed it up in October 2019. The second campaign also made its way into Limca Book of Records 2020, for being the largest citizen volunteering initiative for plastic donation and recycling. From October 2019, the campaign was held every month owing to the volume of plastic collected and resulting in making 200 benches across Mumbai

Mode of Operation

Project Mumbai will pick-up plastic from across Mumbai and Thane and get weighed at the end of the day, and the total weight of plastic collected will be matched in groceries, which will include rice, dal, and pulses. Each kit will have groceries amounting to about 12 kilograms; 5 kgs of rice, 3 kgs of aata, 2 kgs of two different kinds of dal, ½ kg salt, and sugar amongst a few other things. The idea is to ensure that this kit lasts for at least 15 days for a family of four. The pack will be assembled by the NGO Project Mumbai. These pre-packed grocery kits will be distributed to less-privileged families who have been impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Various corporates have shown interest in sponsoring things to be added to the grocery pack.

Project Mumbai was recently awarded the United Nations SDG Solidarity Action Award 2020, for its humanitarian work during COVID 19. This honor was bestowed upon only 50 organizations across the world. 

Project Mumbai wishes to take this campaign to other cities as well and invites the public to come together and drive this initiative

Source: The Better India

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