#36 – From computers to helping animals – Robin Singh

What is the meaning and purpose of our life? We often find ourselves asking us that–at our worst and even at our best moments.

We are born; we study; we work hard and build a semblance of life that we think is liveable. We justify to ourselves that we have done or doing, is the best possible option.

But what if it’s a bubble? What if it’s not what we really want?

That’s what Robin Singh thought too. ‘Do good and live life by an example,’ he believed.

Today’s story is about him, a jovial and candid person at heart with a zest for learning. He picked up computers at a very early stage. Quickly, he moved to USA, where he ran a tech company. One might say he was doing well for himself. 

“Or so I thought. But I knew I wasn’t happy; something was not right,” he said.

At 31, he came to India to ‘rediscover’ himself and found the peace and sanctity of Auroville. It was here that Robin met Lorraine, an aged woman who was doing her share to help the stray dogs.

“Something struck me, and I realized that this is what I want to do with my life. I have always wanted to cater for stray animals, and after seeing Lorraine I instantly decided that this is what I wish to pursue right now,” Robin explained.

He returned to the USA in 2013 after his trip, but only to wrap up his chapter there.  A renewed Robin knew that animal welfare is what he wanted to work for.

Thus, Peepal Farm came into existence with the help and support of a few others in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh.

Peepal Farm is a haven for stray animals, which not just works as a recovery center but also an organic farm.

“The organic farm is complementary as we now have around 15 cows and we get ample cow dung from them. With that, we perform organic and no-till farming,” he explained.

The two major concerns of Peepal Farm are: to find a home for homeless animals, treat those who are abandoned, and to keep farm animals off the plates of people.

Peepal Farm runs mostly on donations from friends and family; recently the sale of organic products from the farms and the facility of farm-stay adds to the revenue.

Now, the people in the immediate vicinity also help Robin and his team in rescuing animals despite the initial friction which they had.

Source: The logical Indian

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