#39 – A strong resolve on water shortage – Angrotha Village

We are all hearing about water shortage in different parts of the country, or even the world. The silver lining is that many are avidly searching for solutions and viable options.

With that in mind, today’s inspirational story is about Angrotha.

This village in Madhya Pradesh is no different and is facing a shortage of water for quite some time now. Solution?

A group of about 250 women worked hard for 18 months without any modern technology or machinery to cut a hill with the aim of creating a way for water to reach a pond inside the village. 

Babita Rajput, a villager, was quoted as saying: “We have been working for over 18 months to channel into the village the water that used to freely flow in the forest and thus could not be used. So, the women in the village formed a group and it was decided to cut the hill to a length of about half kilometers and make way for the water to fall into a pond in the village.”

“We are doing this for ourselves as there is water shortage here. We are unable to farm and our livestock was also suffering. About 250 women dig a way for water to flow into the pond in our village. It took us about 18 months to complete this work,” said Vivitabai Adivasi, who also hails from that area.

“For the past 18 months, the women here have decided to provide water to our village Angrotha. They have cut a hill and made a waterway. The women are also working on removing several stones that are present in the path of the water flow,” said another villager Ram Ratan Singh Rajput.

Their strong will and perseverance for 18 months led to successfully carving out a path for the water to join the pond.

Source: https://www.aninews.in/news/national/general-news/to-resolve-water-crisis-mp-village-women-cut-hill-to-make-way-for-water-into-pond20200927095719/

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