#54 – No Dearth to Goodness – Ashwini and Ankush Shah

At the break of dawn, when you walk outside Kandivali station in Mumbai, you will realize there is no dearth of food stalls.

But, there is one stall that stands out. A breakfast food stall run by husband-wife duo, Ashwini Shenoy Shah, and Ankush Shah, both MBA graduates.

Setting up the stall at 4 am and shutting shop at 10 am, the couple heads off to work at private Mumbai-based firms.

The story may sound odd at first but, the reason is quite touching.

The couple was only selling the food cooked by their 55-year-old domestic help since the time her husband had been paralyzed.

The couple was spotted by one Deepali Bhatia when she was on the hunt for some food. She spotted a small stall selling poha, upma, parathas, and idli. 
She assumed the sellers were Gujarati and hit up a conversation.

Calling their story “one of the most inspiring acts of kindness” she had witnessed, Bhatia wrote, “In the rushing world of Mumbai, where we rarely have time to stop and think, here are two superheroes who think more for someone other than themselves.”

She added, “They were working to support their cook so at this age she doesn’t have to run for financial aid.”

The couple knew that their domestic help wouldn’t have accepted charity so, they came up with a business plan.

The couple has been running the stall for a little while and hence haven’t decided on the earning share for their domestic help, who has been working for them for three months.

However, they’re committed to giving her the money she deserves.

Mrs. Shah spoke about the overwhelmingly positive social media response, saying, “A lot of people have reached out to us with an intention to help by giving us food orders which can help maximize her income.”

Source: https://www.newsbytesapp.com/timeline/india/52424/241470/mba-couple-sells-food-outside-mumbai-train-station

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