#69 – Green fingers – Hashmath Fathima

Gardening is many things. For some, it is a hobby, whereas for some, it is to aesthetically grow their lawns, and for some, it is just plain therapeutic. And then there are some for whom gardening is much more than just all this—it is a passion.

Hashmath Fathima from Mysuru is one passionate gardener.

Her love story with plants and flowers began at a young age and she has been gardening seriously for only 26 years!

Today, her home in Kalyangiri is home to over 40 varieties of flowering plants, creepers, and trees, each of which she has planted with love and care.

Her house covers only a tiny portion of her plot where she lives, and the rest of the area is a garden.

Source: Deccan Herald

800 or so mud pots are just a start, the garden has a potpourri of creative pot plants made from spliced bamboo, used tires, and old shoes. All filling up her garden.

Now, these are just horizontal placements. She has another vertical garden made out of hanging plastic bottles with plants.

“I used to follow a lot of gardening channels and pages on the Internet, from where I got the idea of using plastic bottles, old shoes, and even discarded tyres as planters. It has been three years since I first began using these,” she says.

Her garden is an absolute visual treat to your eyes. Not just for the creativity, but also the varied fill-up of frangipani to mango trees, and flowering plants like dahlia, marigold, zinnia, hibiscus, begonia, daisy, dianthus, verbena, petunia, anthurium, zenobia, geranium, and gladiola.

These are spread across with statuettes, fish ponds, stone benches, pebble arrangements as well as an aviary, which is home to over 50 love birds.

Source: Deccan Herald

“While some trees and plants have been there since the beginning, most of the flowering plants are seasonal. I only use naturally made manure for the plants that I used to mix myself earlier. Now, I have employed a gardener to help me in the process as I also run a boutique, which takes up a lot of time. Nevertheless, I spend two hours every day in the garden tending to my plants,” she adds.

With the kind of care and attention, Fathima has received the top honor in the ‘Home Garden Series’ for the eleventh time in a row! at the Dasara flower show organized by the Mysore Horticultural Society.

People often drop by to see the garden and take tips, and Fathima is more than happy to host or assist anyone who reaches out to her.

“Gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers from as far as Gulbarga, Bhatkal, Hyderabad and many other cities have reached out to me for tips about maintaining the garden. It makes me very happy to help anyone who would like to try a hand at gardening,” she humbly mentions.

She adds that the best time to see her flowery wonderland in its full glory would be during the Dasara festival when almost all the flowering plants are adorned in every possible hue.

Don’t worry about finding her; she and her garden are well-known across the city of Mysuru, and her doors are always open for lovers of plants and flowers.

Source: https://www.deccanherald.com/spectrum/flower-lover-s-paradise-garden-707077.html

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