#93 – The Noble Effort – Suresh Kumar

In the last 12 years, Suresh Kumar from Kannur, Kerala, has fed over 4 lakh people, and despite the grim situation of COVID-19, he has continued his noble effort of providing food and clothing.

Photo by sergio omassi on Pexels.com

“I have seen many people who were once rich but a sudden turn of events left them penniless. Some of them now cannot even afford food. While travelling to work, I also witnessed people begging and getting thrashed by others,” says Suresh Kumar.

When he began 12 years ago, what started as an individual initiative, soon turned into a collective effort, and Suresh wanted to involve as many people as he could. 

To get things rolling, Suresh initially printed out 50 notices seeking help and distributed them at different bus stops.

The notice read, “Whoever has excess food at home can bring it near the Taluk Office at around 1pm to 2pm everyday. The food can be vegetarian, non-vegetarian and in any quantity. It should not be spoiled or contaminated as it can cause food poisoning to the person consuming it.”

Suresh dipped into his savings, worked odd jobs at bakeries and other small shops. “I had no hope that people would help me, but I still needed to give it a shot. My notice did not force anyone to help me but if they wanted they could bring food near the Kannur Taluk Office and give it to the needy,” says Suresh.

Now, the 64-year-old fondly reminisces, “From day one itself few people brought food to me. I still remember that I had received 25 meals on that day and I provided it to 25 people in the city. The smile on the faces after eating the food gave me happiness and hope to provide more food to others. From the next day onwards, more people started to bring food and handed it over to me.”

There is not a single day in 12 years where Suresh has not received food to distribute.

“Some days I receive only two meals and on other days I receive more food, in which case I distribute the balance so that they can have it for dinner,” Suresh says.

He adds that on some days, there will be more varieties of dishes and sometimes there will be less, but the needy don’t complain and will “happily enjoy the meal”.

While most bring leftover food to feed the hungry, others bring clothes and bags of rice to distribute to the needy.

Many people, who heard of Suresh’s good deeds but were unable to travel to Kannur, requested him to open a bank account so that he can reach out to others.

“I never felt the need for a bank account in my life, however as I received many calls from people who wanted to help from afar, it changed my perception. Today, people from anywhere can send me money and on their behalf I serve the needy food,” Suresh says.

Suresh’s efforts to feed the hungry is a relentless noble deed.

If you wish to help him with his efforts, you may contact him on this number — 9447234701.

Source: The Better India

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