#94 – Chocolate boy’s hidden talent – R Madhavan

We all know 50-year-old chocolate boy R Madhavan and his roles ranging from Karthik in Alaipayuthey(Tamil) to Farhan Qureshi in 3 Idiots. He has always been vocal about the environment and social issues. He has given a few motivational talks given in schools and colleges as well.

In the recent past, while his contemporaries were busy cooking, sweeping, and mopping the floor during the pandemic, Madhavan has been active in nurturing life into his terrace garden. He has been giving a sneak peek into his terrace garden through all his social media handles, thereby motivating others to opt for sustainable methods. 

R Madhavan showed off his carefully nurtured terrace garden that boasts zucchinis, beans, drumsticks, and even papaya. 

The actor is also always on the lookout for technological advancements in the field of sustainable development and keeps sharing regular posts documenting the innovations on his social media. 

He is also reaping the benefits of an experimental eco-friendly project that he had undertaken five years ago with his cousin brother Subayogan.

The duo bought a piece of barren land in a village near Palani in Tamil Nadu, and worked tirelessly, employing modern, organic, and ancient indigenous methods of agriculture to bring it back to life.

In just three-and-a-half years, this land has transformed into a lush patch of dwarf, non-hybrid coconut trees bearing sweet-water fruits. Even earthworms and native birds—the mark of a self-sustaining ecosystem—have returned.

Not just this, the duo were aware that some of the seedlings were being sold below market price to local farmers.

They facilitated better economic returns from the sale of seedlings and tender coconut and demonstrated that a model plan that can be implemented to transform abandoned land into farming friendly ones, across the country. 

The duo calls it one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of their lives. The actor exults, “It was wonderful to see the land rejuvenated and yield what it was meant for in the first place. From preparing the land with the right mulch to putting the right kind of fish in the well— every bit of learning has been priceless and so worth it”. 

The success of the project has encouraged the actor to replicate the model around India and the world.

Source: https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/r-madhavan-tills-a-barren-land-in-tamil-nadu-back-to-life-and-now-plans-to-replicate-the-model-worldwide/articleshow/79671957.cms

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